26th Annual Meeting of the Belgian Transplantation Society


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Koningin Astridplein, 20-23

2018 Antwerp

The BTS Board organizes every year a varied program dedicated to physicians, transplant coordinators, local coordinators and nurses involved in solid organ transplantation. The thematic sessions give you the opportunity to listen to Belgian and International experts. Take advantage of the opportunity to present your research during the abstract sessions. Parallel sessions dedicated for nursing are planned in French and Dutch. The report of the Transplant Coordinators Section and the different Advisory Committees will give you a complete overview of organ donation and transplant activities during the last year. Register and make sure you do not miss the biggest Belgian event of the year in transplantation.

The subject of this year is « Infectious diseases and Solid Organ Transplantation ». Besides the usual abstract session and the General Assembly, hot topics including donor transmitted infections, hepatitis-c positive donors or transplantation of HIV positive recipients will be discussed in dedicated session with belgian and international transplant and infectious diseases specialists.



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Oral Abstracts Session

An 8-Gene Expression Assay in Peripheral Blood for Diagnosis of Antibody-Mediated Rejection after Kidney Transplantation

Van Loon E., Gazut S., Yazdani S., Lerut E., De Loor H., Coemans M., Noël L.-H., Thorrez L., Van Lommel L., Schuit F., Lambrechts D., Van Brussel Th., Sprangers B., Kuypers D., Essig M.1, Gwinner W., Anglicheau D., Marquet P., Naesens M. (Leuven, Paris, Hannover, Limoges)

Recurrent diabetic nephropathy despite intensive glycemic control: an observational cohort study

Coemans M., Van Loon E., Lerut E., Kuypers D., Sprangers B., Gillard P., Mathieu Ch., Verbeke G., Naesens M. (Leuven)

The use of plasma donor-derived cell-free DNA to monitor acute rejection after kidney transplantation

Gielis E., Ledeganck K., Dendooven A. , Meysman P.1, Beirnaert Ch., Laukens K., De Schrijver J.1, Van Laecke S., Van Biesen W., Emonds M.-P., De Winter B., Bosmans J.-L., Del Favero J., Abramowicz D. (Antwerpen, Gent, Mechelen)

18F-FDG PET/CT imaging at 3 months post transplantation excludes subclinical rejection in kidney transplant recipients

Hanssen O.,Weekers L, Lovinfosse P., Jadoul A., Bonvoisin C., Bouquegneau A., Huynen A., Hustinx R., Jouret F. (Liège)

The impact of eplet mismatches on kidney transplant outcome: a single-center cohort study

Senev A., Coemans M., Van Sandt V., Sprangers B., Kuypers D., Emonds M.-P., Naesens M. (Mechelen, Leuven)

Opt-out donor legislation, quo vadis Belgica?

Monbaliu D., Nys H., Schotsmans P., Ferdinande P (Leuven)

Idarucizumab for the reversal of dabigatran in patients undergoing heart transplantation

Van Keer J.,Vanassche Th., Droogne W., Rex S., Rega F., Van Cleemput J., Verhamme P. (Leuven)

Heart donation after circulatory death

Ledoux D.,Massion P., Hans G., Amabili Ph., Joris J., Tchana-Sati V., Bruls S., Ancion A., D’Orio V., Detry O., Meurisse N., Schielke A., Pirard Ch., Amand Th., Lagny M., Blafart F., Delbouille M.-H., Monard J., Defraigne J.-O. (Liège)

Chest CT has Prognostic Value at BOS Diagnosis after Lung Transplantation

Van Herck A., Sacreas A., Heigi T., Kaes J., Vanstapel A., Verleden S., Vanaudenaerde B., De Weyer W., Verleden G. M., Vos R. (Leuven)


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Infection in the transplant recipient

Should we transplant HIV-positive recipients?

Prof. Dr. Linos Vandekerckhove (UZ Gent, Gent, Belgium)

HEV and solid organ transplantation.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Vanwolleghem (UZA, Antwerp, Belgium)

Vaccination of the transplant recipient.


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Infection in the organ donor.

Donor-transmitted infections.

Prof. Dr. Paolo Grossi (Varese, Italy)

Hepatitis-C postitive donors: to accept or to decline.

Prof. Dr. Yves Horsmans (Louvain-en-Woluwe, Belgium)

Oral Abstracts Session:

Determination of creatinine and tacrolimus using Dry Blood Spot Monitoring in stable kidney, lung and heart transplant recipients - The DBSM Study

Van Caenegem O., Evrard P., Dumonceaux M., Goffin E., Wallemacq P. (Louvain-en-Woluwe, Mont-Godinne)

Effects of allograft position during ex vivo lung perfusion in a porcine model.

Ordies S.,Frick A., Martens A., Vanstapel A., Verschakelen J., Vanaudenaerde B., Verleden G., Vos R., Verleden S., Van Raemdonck D., Neyrinck A. (Leuven)

Portal vein thrombosis in patients on the waiting list for liver transplantation: a single center cohort study

Verhelst X.,Bert J., Geerts A., Vanlander A., Abreu de Carvalho L., Berrevoet F., Troisi R., Rogiers X., Van Vlierberghe H. (Gent)

A single center experience with 157 controled dcd - liver transplantations

Schielke A., Paolucci M., Meurisse N., Vandermeulen M., Lamproye A., Delwaide J., Joris J., Kaba A., Honoré P., Detry O. (Liège)

Best Abstract Award Winner:

Oxygenated Hypothermic Machine Perfusion Of Kidneys Donated After Circulatory Death: An International Randomised Controlled Trial

Jochmans I., Hofker H.S., Davies L., Monbaliu D., Darius T., Mikhalski D., Pipeleers L., Weekers L., Ysebaert D., Randon C., Knight S., Ploeg R.J., Pirenne J. ( Leuven, Groningen, G,Devon, UK, Louvain-en-Woluwe, Bruxelles, Brussel,Liège, Antwerpen, Gent, Oxford, UK)


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PhD session:

Liver and systemic hemodynamics in cirrhotic children: contributions to the phyisiopathology and to the surgical algorithm in pediatric liver transplantation.

C. De Magnée (Louvain-enWoluwe, Belgium)

Successful treatment of chronic HCV genotype 3 infection in renal transplant recipients.

S. Sharma (Delhi, India)

The impact of mesenchymal stromal cells administration in renal ischemia-reperfusion injury and in kidney transplantation .

P. Erpicum (Liège, Belgium)

2019 BTS Donation Award


Belgian Transplant Coordinators Section Annual report


General Assembly


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  • Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
  • Koningin Astridplein, 20-23
  • 2018 Antwerp
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