Instructions for submission:
  1. This grant is aimed to reward a Belgian multi-centric research project.
  2. The project may be translational or clinical, with the potential to increase availability of organs for transplantation and/or to improve transplant results in Belgium.
  3. The PI should be a BTS member.
  4. The project will have to be completed over a 24-month period between January 2018 and December 2019.
  5. Projects should be submitted before November 30, 2017 to the secretary of the BTS ( ) using the following form:
  6. The project should be written in English. Use Arial 12 font with single line spacing. Maximum 5 pages A4 format.
  7. The project should be structured as follows: Aim of the study - A brief description of the Methods - Estimate of requirements and available facilities (registry data, research lab, medical imaging…)
  8. The winning project will be selected by the BTS Board during the December BTS Board Meeting