There is increasing evidence that regular physical exercise after solid organ transplantation has substantial health-related benefits. Nevertheless, exercise as part of routine practice is still not implemented in standard treatment care.

Introduction of regular physical exercise would be of particular interest for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) liver transplant recipients. NASH cirrhosis is becoming the leading indication for liver transplantation. These patients are at high risk for recurrence of liver steatosis post transplant and cardiovascular disease. Nonetheless, at present, literature data on the effect of exercise training following transplantation for NASH are lacking. Moreover, the optimal mode of exercise training to enhance metabolic health and hence reduce cardiovascular risk is still unknown for these patient.

Therfore, the aim pf this research project is the following:

  1. To investigate the attitude of transplant physician towards physical activity implementation in the care of solid organ transplant recipients in Belgium, and to identify barriers for exercise prescription.
  2. To test the feasability of introducing supervised physical exercise training following liver transplantation for NASH cirrhosis, and to identify the optimal mode of exercise training to enhance metabolic health.
  3. To establish a multicenter and multidisciplinary network to conduct physical exercise-oriented research after transplantation. This network ideally includes physiotherapists, transplant physicians and allied health professionals.