To increase the transplantation rate of high-risk kidneys in Belgium, the INAMI/RIZIV approved the reimbursement for Hypothermic Machine Perfusion (HMP) for a period of 3 years. From October 2022, the national HMP implementation workgroup (mandated by the Belgian Transplant Society) created and activated a national machine perfusion service in collaboration with Organ Recovery Systems (Belgium, Diegem). All Belgian transplant centers participate at this project with the intension to increase the national transplantation rate of high-risk kidneys procured and  transplanted in Belgium. High-risk kidney are defined as kidneys originated from 1) donation after circulatory death (DCD), independent of donor age, and 2) donation after brain death (DBD) with expanded criteria (ECD)(defined as donors older or equal of 65 year (Eurotransplant Senior program, ESP) or a donor between 50 and 65 years with at least 2 of the 3 following criteria (history of arterial hypertension, a serum creatinine greater than or equal to 1.5 mg/dL and death resulting from a cerebrovascular accident).

National Kidney HMP Group (Mandated by the Belgian Transplantation Society)

Jacques Pirenne – Ina Jochmans (KUL)

Tom Darius – Yannick France (UCL)

Olivier Detry (ULg) – Laurent Weekers (ULg)

Eric Hoste – Caren Randon (UZ Gent)

Daniel Jacobs-Tulleneers-Thevissen – Pol Hendrikx (VUB)

Dimitri Mikhalski – Samuel Jenard (ULB)

Geert Roeyen – Bart Bracke (UZA)