Organ Recovery Systems announce that, in February, the Belgian national perfusion service has reached its first huge milestone: 100 pumped kidneys.  This service has been launched on October 1st last year by the national HMP implementation workgroup in collaboration with Organ Recovery Systems with the aim to facilitate the use of Hypothermic Machine Perfusion for high-risk kidneys.


Thanks to everyone’s effort, we are glad to announce that during the month of February, we have perfusedour 100th kidney on the LifePort Kidney Transporter. We would like to recognise the support of all Belgian transplant centers as well as the entire Belgian Transplant Society for making this possible. .


As a company dedicated in protecting the gift of life and transforming patient outcomes, we are extremelyhonoured with the opportunity to assist in impacting so many lives. The collaboration from everyone involved in this project will have an enormous contribution in making the most of each precious gift from the donors and their families. We can never be grateful enough to all who has made it possible.


A huge thank you to the HMP Implementation group: Jacques Pirenne (KUL), Ina Jochmans (KUL), Tom Darius(UCL), Yannick France (UCL), Olivier Detry (ULg), Laurent Weekers (ULg), Eric Hoste (UZ Gent), Caren Randon (UZ Gent), Daniel Jacobs-Tulleneers-Thevissen (VUB), Pol Hendrikx (VUB), Dimitri Mikhalski (ULB), Samuel Jenard (ULB), Geert Roeyen (UZA), Bart Bracke (UZA) as well as to  all the surgeons, nurses and coordinators from all the Belgian Transplant center who made it possible. We would like to appreciate the fantastic work made by Full Control Medical. And last but not least, a tremendous thank you to all donor and donor families for each precious gift.