1000th liver transplantations in Hôpital Erasme /HUB



On behalf of the Belgian Transplantation Society, I would like to congratulate the administration, all medical, surgical, nursing / coordinators, paramedical and technical teams for your very important contribution in the national liver transplantation program, that achieved 1000th liver transplantations in Hôpital Erasme /HUB, ULB.

Started from the scratch many years ago by enthused doctors, this is now a regular, extremely effective and solid activity in the network of HUB hospital.

It is time consuming (sometimes hard and challenging) but very impactful effort from all staff members and external associates of the hospital, nevertheless the results and outcomes are excellent and very promising.

The transplantation program in Hôpital Erasme/HUB was and continues to be a reference and very respectful between the national and international experts in this field.

BTS strongly supports the motivated team of the liver transplant of Hôpital Erasme / HUB, ULB.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts and contribution!



Dimitri Mikhalski