50 years since the First Heart Transplantation in Belgium

Professor Baron Georges Primo and the President of the Belgian Transplantation Society, Professor Dimitri Mikhalski, on March 3, 2024.

The Belgian Transplantation Society celebrates 50 years since the First Heart Transplantation in Belgium, performed by the team led by Professor Georges Charles André Baron Primo, who will celebrate his 100th birthday in April 2024.

“Il fut le premier chirurgien à avoir effectué une transplantation cardiaque en Belgique” (WikipédiA)(FR).

“In augustus 1973 realiseerde Georges Primo inderdaad de eerste harttransplantatie. De getransplanteerde zal de ingreep ongeveer 7 maanden overleven”(NL).

Today, Professor Primo remains a very modest and wise person. The Belgian Society of Transplantation expresses gratitude to him, all his pioneering colleagues who treated the patient at that time, and supports his allies and successors who continue his esteemed work in transplantation. The BTS will host a special session during the annual congress, scheduled for March 15th in Brussels, to commemorate this significant event with a laudatio-tribute to Professor Georges Primo by Doctor Martine Antoine.