Mission of the Belgian Transplantation Society

Prof. Dimitri Mikalski

Prof. Dimitri Mikalski

President BTS

The core mission of the Belgian Transplantation Society (BTS) is to bring together and coordinate all aspects of solid organ transplantation in Belgium.  Its efforts include the areas of organ donation, the clinical practice of transplantation, research, education, promotion, and resource assistance to those involved in the field.

BTS is committed to making organ donation and transplantation from both living and deceased donors easier for donors and their families, organ recipients and the medical community so that people who need organ transplants can benefit from the improved quality of life they can offer.

The society works to increase understanding of organ transplantation among the public, civil authorities, and the medical community to help remove obstacles and expand organ donation, in order to reduce the amount of time patients have to wait for transplants, and it helps providers offer the best possible care for patients before, during, and after transplantation.

The society also supports and makes provisions for all forums of research to reverse the need for organ transplantation and further increase transplantation patient outcomes.



  • To advance basic and clinical research in the field of organ donation and transplantation
  • To advance innovation in transplantation


  • To promote organ donation in Belgium
  • To promote excellence in professional standards across the multi-disciplinary transplant community


  • Scientific meetings featuring presentations and discussion relevant to organ donation and transplantation
  • Discussion of legal and organisational issues with the National Transplant Council and the Ministry of Health
  • Continue education for professionals working in the field of organ donation, donor management, solid organ transplantation and post-transplant patient care


  • To bring together all professionals involved in solid organ transplantation
  • To discuss legal and organisational issues with the National Transplant Council and the Ministry of Health
  • To discuss clinical, organisational and scientific issues with Eurotransplant

BTS Membership

Membership is open to everyone working professionally in the field of transplantation. It includes clinicians, basic scientists, scientists working in histocompatibility and immunogenetics, nurses, donor and transplant coordinators, perfusionists, professions allied to medicine and ethicists and more.

There are significant opportunities and professional benefits for members and we strongly encourage all those working in the field to join us to ensure that we truly representative of the sector.