Eurotransplant is an international foundation located in Leiden, the Nederlands. It is a non-profit organization that facilitates patient-oriented allocation and cross-border exchange of deceased donor organs. Eurotransplan responsible for the allocation of donor organs in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Slovenia. This international collaborative framework includes all transplant hospitals, tissue-typing laboratories, and hospitals where organ donations take place.

Cooperating saves lives

BTS-representatives in Eurotransplant Advisory Commitees

Belgian Thoracic Advisory Committee (Be-ThAC)Yves VAN BELLEGHEMUZ Gent
Belgian Kidney & Pancreas Advisory Committee (Be-KPAC)Geert ROEYENUZ Antwerpen
Belgian Liver & Intestine Advisory Committee (Be-LIAC)Olivier DETRYCHU Liège
Belgian Organ Procurement Advisory Committee (Be-OPC)Didier LEDOUXCHU Liège
BTS Transplant Coordinators Section (BTCS)Patrick HOLLANTSUZ Antwerpen
BTS Transplant Nurses Section (BNTS)Carine BREUNIGUZ Leuven
Council of Medicine and ScienceDimitri MIKHALSKIErasme