BTS award for organ donation

Each year the BTS rewards an association supporting transplant patients or promoting organ donation in Belgium

Why BTS donation awards?

Thanks to the action of associations promoting organ donation, several hundred patients on the waiting list are transplanted annually in Belgium. Consequently, our country is ranked among the European leaders in organ donation.

The BTS recognizes the importance of the work carried out by these associations and wishes to thank them publicly by an award during the BTS Annual Meeting.

Upcoming awards 2019

The association to be honored in 2019 are

Lalyfoundation (

Bas Stoere Strijder (

How the recipient of the BTS Award for Organ Donation is designated

  • The Award is given annually by the BTS and the Belgium Transplant Coordinators Section to an individual or an association in recognition of his work to promote organ donation.
  • The potential candidates are professionals, non-professional, medical, paramedical, health care sector, other sector, donor family association, transplant recipients association, etc.. involved in organ donation.
  • Candidates are proposed by the members of the Belgium Transplant Coordinators Section and the members of the board of the BTS.
  • The final candidate is elected in consensus. If necessary, vote by the delegates of the Belgium Transplant Coordinators Section and the BTS board members.
  • Proposal and selection of candidates occurs during the autumn board meetings of the BTS and the Section of the Transplant Coordinators (September / October).
  • The Presidents of the Belgium Transplant Coordinators Section and the BTS officialy inform the recipient of the award.
  • The Award is delivered during the yearly general assembly by the presidents of the BTS and the Belgium Transplant Coordinators Section. The Award includes a financial prize of 500-1000 Euros and a symbolic piece of art (scultpture, painting..)
  • The Award recipients is announced on the BTS website after the yearly meeting

2017 donation awards

This year, the BTS has come to honor those without whom solid organ transplantation could not be realized in our country.

A first prize was awarded to the Belgian Transplant Coordinators Section. The coordinators have carried out a real pioneering work in the organization of the transplantation in our country. They do an outstanding job promoting organ donation. Thanks to the links established between the transplant centers and thanks to the collaboration with the partner hospitals, they have helped to make Belgium a European leader in organ transplantation.

A second prize was a warded to Eurotransplant on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. Created in 1967, the Eurotransplant International Foundation is constantly working on improving organ allocation and cross-border exchange of deceased-donors organs. Eurotransplant helps coordinate work in the transplant centers, with the goal of efficiently allocating and distributing donated organs. The group also promotes research into transplantation and seeks to raise public awareness of the benefits of donation.

2016 donation awards

Two Awards were given in 2016

The first went to "HALO". HALO association is a support group for heart / lung and lung transplant patients. The support group is intended for patients who are waiting or have undergone a heart / lung or lung transplantation, and to their relatives. It includes emotional support, information, defense of members, services to family and friends and social activities.

The second Award was given to "Chaîne de Vies". "Chaîne de Vies" was created by Claudine and Thierry Kremer who spontaneously donated the organs of their deceased son in the killing of the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège during December 2011. Since then, this association informs the general public and promotes organ donation.