​28th Annual Meeting of the Belgian Transplantation Society​


VUB campus

101 avenue du Laarbeek-laan 101

1090 Brussels

Each year, the BTS Board organizes a varied program dedicated to doctors, transplant coordinators, local coordinators and nurses involved in solid organ transplantation. Take the opportunity to present your research during the abstract sessions. The report of the Belgian Transplant Coordinators Section and the different Advisory Committees will give you an overview of organ transplant activities in Belgium over the past year, particular the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on organ donation activities.

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The congress will be held at the Faculty of Medicine of the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), building A. You will find how to access it by clicking on the link below:


The congress is organized in such a way as to respect all the sanitary measures of the moment.



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Introduction by the BTS President

K.M. Wissing


Best abstract session I

Chairs: V. Hartman (UA) - N. Kanaan (UCL)

Outcome of SARS-CoV-2 virus-infected organ transplant recipients - results of the BECOVSOT registry. K. M. Wissing, D. Van Raemdonck, M. Naesens, C. Bonvoisin, N. Kanaan, N. Boon, R. Hellemans, P. Hendrikx, N. Grossen, D. Claes, M-H. Delbouille, Th. Timmermans, P. Hollants, J. Duarta, , L. Weekers (Belgian Transplantation Society)

Long-term outcome of liver transplantation for neuroendocrine tumour non-resectable liver metastases: a Belgian retrospective multi-centre study E. Bonaccorsi-Riani, I. Cloquell, O. Detry, N. Meurisse, D. Ysebaert, Ch. Verslype, J. Pirenne, F. Berrevoet, A. Vanlander, V. Lucidi, I. Borbat (UCL, ULg, UA, KUL, UG, ULB)

Anastomosis time is a risk factor for primary graft dysfunction after double lung transplantation: a clinical cohort study. Ch.Vandervelde, R. Vos, St. Fieuws, St.Verleden, J. Van Slambrouck, P. De Leyn, W. Coosemans, Ph. Nafteux, H. Decaluwé, H. Van Veer, L. Depypere, D. Dauwe, E. De Troy, C. Ingels, A. Neyrinck, B. Vanaudenaerde, L. Godinas, G. Verleden, D. Van Raemdonck, L. Ceulemans (KUL, UA)

Peripheral blood transcriptomic profiles demonstrate peripheral blood leukocyte activation at time of antibody-mediated rejection and polyomavirus nephropathy after kidney transplantation. E. Van Loon, W. Gwinner, D. Anglicheau, P. Marquet, M. Naesens (Hannover, Paris, Limoges, KUL)

The uptake of PET radiotracer 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose by the renal allograft significantly correlates with the acute Banff scores of cortex inflammation. L. Weekers, P. Lovinfosse, H. Pottel, A. Bouquegneau, C. Bonvoisin, C. Bovy, S. Grosch, R. Hustinx, F. Jouret (ULg, Kortrijk)

Liver transplantation in patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure: a single centre experience. F. Bourgeois, N. Gilbo, Ph. Meersseman, D. Monbaliu (KUL)

Stenting of pulmonary vein stenosis after lung transplantation: case report and literature review. M. Orlitova, J. Van Slambrouck, M. Gewillig, D. Vlasselaers, A. Neyrinck, B. Vanaudenaerde, L. Godinas, R. Vos, G. Verleden, D. Van Raemdonck, L. Ceulemans (KUL)


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Keynote lecture I

Chair: S. Van Laecke (UG)

ABO incompatible transplantation. K. Hadaya (Geneva), L. Pipeleers (VUB)


PhD session I

Chairs: E. Hoste (UG) - A. Le Moine (ULB)

Formation of a functional beta cell mass by microencapsulated prenatal porcine islet cells. I. De Mesmaeker (VUB)

Innovative approaches for HLA-matching and immune risk stratification in kidney transplantation. A. Senev (KUL)

Exploring different preservation strategies in a pig kidney DCD autotransplant model. T. Darius (UCL)


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Best abstract session II

Chairs: L. Pipeleers (VUB - N. Meurisse (Ulg)

Donor-derived HLA class II but not class I T-cell epitope targets associate with the occurrence of T cell-mediated rejection after kidney transplantation. A. Senev, M. Naesens (KUL)

Simultaneous ipsilateral nephrectomy during kidney transplantation for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease does not detrimentally impact comorbidity and graft survival after transplantation. S. Bertoni, M. De Meyer, A. Buemi, A. Devresse, N. Kanaan, E. Goffin, M. Mourad, T. Darius (UCL)

Circulating donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies induce immune activation independent of kidney transplant histopathological findings. E. Van Loon, B. Lamarthée, A. Senev, O. Thaunat, D. Schols, M. Naesens (KUL)

Impact of Elective Ligation of Patent Arterio-Venous Fistula in Kidney Transplant Recipients on Blood Pressure and serum levels of Cardiac Biomarkers. G. Masson, J. Huart, L. Seidel, A. Saint-Remy, L. Weekers, S. Maweja, E. Hamoir, J-M. Krzesinski, P. Lancellotti, F. Jouret (ULg)

Systematic screening of kidney transplant recipients points towards normal neutralizing antibody capacity against SARS-CoV-2 after infection. V. Wijtvliet, K. Ariën, J. Mariën, B. Peeters, R. Hellemans, A. Massart, St. Van Hees , P. Moons, H. Theeten, P. Van Damme, H. Goossens, B. De Winter, K. Ledeganck, D. Abramowicz (UA)

Is ABO incompatible living donor liver transplantation really a good alternative for pediatric recipients? C. de Magnée, L. Brunée, R. Tambucci, A. Pire, I. Scheers, Et. Sokal, P. Baldin, St. Eeckhoudt, R. Reding, Fr. Zech, X. Stephenne (UCL)

Liver grafts procured and discarded by all Belgian centers and transplanted within Eurotransplant network: analysis of cause to decline, a Be-LIAC study. D. Germanova, J. Delwaide, O.Detry, G. Dahlqvist, E.Bonaccorsi, Th. Gustot, J. Pirenne, F. Nevens, Th. Vanwolleghem, D. Ysebaert, H. Van Vlierberghe, F. Berrevoet, Et. Sokal, V. Lucidi (ULB, ULg, UCL, KUL, UA, UG)


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Keynote lecture II

Chair: K.M. Wissing

Role of Environmental Factors and Microbiota on Transplant Rejection and Tolerance. Marisa Alegre (Chicago, USA & Francqui-Collen chair at Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


PhD session II

Chairs: P. Evrard (UCL) - L. Ceulemans (KUL)

Hepatocellular carcinoma: Refining selection criteria for liver transplantation and search for new therapeutic options . H. Degroote (Gent)

Investigating the mechanisms of chronic lung allograft dysfunction. A. Sacreas (Leuven)


Honorary session and awards ceremony

BTS Organ Donation award

Best oral presentation award

Winner of the ROCHE Research Grant


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  • 101 avenue du Laarbeek-laan 101
  • 1090 Brussels
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