Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Koningin Astridplein, 20-23

2018 Antwerp

The 27th Annual Meeting of the Belgian Transplantation Society will be organized jointly with the Belgian Intensive Care Society (SIZ), with the specific topic of "Donor recognition and management". The program is dedicated to Intensive Care Physicians, Intensive Care Nurses, Local Transplant Coordinators, Transplant Coordinators, Transplant Surgeons and Physicians. This event is a unique opportunity to discuss donor management with all the health care professionals involved in the organ donation and transplantation.

Take also the opportunity to present your original research during the abstract sessions.

The annual Roche grant will equally be awarded during this meeting.

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Parallel session 1 (Okapi 1 Hall)


Oral abstracts session

Moderators: D. Ysebaert - D. Van Raemdonck

Impact of mesenchymal stromal cells and/or everolimus on T-reg lymphocyte expansion in rats. M. Vandermeulen, P. Erpicum, L. Poma, O. Detry, F. Jouret. CHU Sart Tilman, Liège, Belgium

Whole-blood normothermic machine perfusion of porcine livers reproduces early post-transplant inflammatory events. J. Blondeel, D. Monbaliu, N. Gilbo. University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Heart transplantation of donor hearts after circulatory death using thoraco-abdominal normothermic regional perfusion with distant procurement and cold storage preservation during transportation: a presentation of two cases. K. Vandendriessche1, V. Tchana-Sato², D. Ledoux², K. Degezelle1, J. Van Cleemput1, B. Meyns1, J.-O. Defraigne², F. Rega1 1University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, ²C.H.U. Sart Tilman, Liège, Belgium

The impact of HLA-DQ molecular mismatches on the novo occurrence of donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies after kidney transplantation: an observational cohort study. A.Senev1,2, M. Coemans², V. Van Sandt1, E. Van Loon², J. Callemeyn², B. Sprangers², D. Kuypers², M-P. Emonds1, M. Naesens². 1Red Cross, ²University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Impact of preservation solution on liver transplantation outcome: comparative analysis of HTK and IGL1 V. Lucidi, J. Navez, D. Germanova, A.Putignano, Ch. Moreno, N. Boon, D. Degre, M. Pezzullo, B. Ickx, R. Surin, Th. Gustot, Hôpital Erasme, Bruxelles, Belgium

Combined drug approach to prevent ischemia-reperfusion injury during transplantation of livers (CAPITL): results of a single-blinded randomized placebo-controlled trial. N. Meurisse1, M. Mertens1, St. Fieuws2, I. Jochmans1, M. Sainz-Barriga1, J. Pirenne1, D. Monbaliu1 1CHU, Sart Tilman, Liège, ²University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.

Deceased donor versus living donor liver transplantation for biliary atresia: single center experience in 353 patients R. Tambucci, C. de Magnée, A.Pire, V. de Meester, O. Ciccarelli, E. Bonaccorsi-Riani, L. Coubeau, X. Stephenne, I. Scheers, F. Smets, E. Sokal, R. Reding Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Louvain-en-Woluwe, Belgium.


Coffee Break/Poster viewing/Sponsor interaction


PhD session

Moderators: O. Detry - Y. Van Belleghem

Clinical and experimental contributions to the study of phenotypic changes in chemotherapy-treated hepatocellular carcinoma. O. Ciccarelli Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Louvain-en-Woluwe, Belgium.


Invited Lecture

Five years SAE/SAR P. Evrard1 / L. Colenbie2 1CHU UCL Mont Godinne, Namur, Belgium; 2FOD Health, Brussels, Belgium

Parallel session 2 (Okapi 2 Hall)


Oral abstracts session

Moderators: V. Hartman - C. Randon

The Banff classification of antibody-mediated rejection in kidney allografts: comparison of predictive performance for allograft failure in previous and current editions. H. Ameye1, J. Callemeyn1, M. Coemans1, A. Senev1,², E. Lerut1, B. Sprangers1, Dirk Kuypers1, M-P. Emonds², M. Naesens1 1University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, ²Red Cross, Belgium

Impact of recipient obesity on kidney transplantation outcome: a retrospective cohort study with a matched comparison. A.Buemi, L. Romero, F. Zech, T. Darius, M. De Meyer, N. Kanaan, A. Devresse, E. Goffin, M. Mourad Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc, Louvain-en-Woluwe, Belgium

The evolution and impact of ABMR histology and transplant glomerulopathy in the presence or absence of HLA-DSA. M. Coemans1, A. Senev1.2, M-P. Emonds2, M. Naesens1 1University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, 2Red Cross, Belgium

The effect of IGL-1 preservation solution on outcome after kidney transplantation: a retrospective single centre analysis. J. De Beule, St. Fieuws, D. Monbaliu, M. Maesens, M. Sainz-Barriga, B. Sprangers, D. Kuypers, J. Pirenne, I. Jochmans. University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Is there always a survival benefit with kidney transplantation? Results from a Belgian cohort. R. Hellemans1, A. Kramer², J. De Meester3, F. Collart4, D. Kuypers5, M. Jadoul6, W. Van Biesen7, A. Le Moine4, J-M. Krzesinski8, K. M. Wissing9, K. Luyckx1, M. Van Meel10, E. De Vries10, I. Tieken10, S. Vogelaar10, U. Samuel10, D. Abramowicz1, V. Stel², K. Jager². 1Antwerpen, ²Amsterdam (Nl), 3St Niklaas, 4Bruxelles, 5Leuven, 6Louvain-en-Woluwe, 7Gent, 8Liège, 9Brussel, Belgium,10Eurotransplant

Experience with ABO incompatible living donor kidney transplantation in two Belgian transplant centres. M. Naesens University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.

Use of culture to reach metabolically adequate beta cell dose by combining donor islet cell isolates for transplantation in type 1 diabetes patients. L. Dahae1, Gillard P.2, Hilbrands R.3, Ling Z.3, Van de Velde U.3, Maleux G.2, Jacobs-Tulleneers-Thevissen D.3, Mathieu2, Ch. Pipeleers D.3, Keymeulen B.3 1A.Z. Imelda, Bonheiden, 2U.Z. Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Leuven, 3A.Z.-V.U.B., Brussel, Belgium


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PhD session

Moderators: K.M. Wissing - D. Mikhalski

Diagnostic and prognositic yields of kidney transplant biopsy and 18F-FDG-PET-CT performed during the first year post transplantation. L. Weekers CHU Sart Tilman, Liège, Belgium


Invited Lecture

Simulation of the new ETKAS allocation algorithm B.M.L. Smeulders University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


BTS General Assembly

Report of the Treasurer (N. Meurisse)

Election of new members

Announcement of the new BTS President


Lunch Break/Poster viewing/Sponsor interaction

Belgian Transplantation Society & Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine Joint Meeting on Donor Detection and Donor Management (Okapi 2 Hall)


2020 Donation Award

G Roeyen (President BTS) - D. Monbaliu (President )

Ms. An Baptist, Bas Stoere Strijder


Annual Report of the Belgian Transplant Coordinators Section on organ donation and transplantation in Belgium

(N. Mauws)


Donor Detection

Moderators: K. De Decker (SIZ) - D. Jacobs-Tulleneers-Thevissen (BTS)

Organ donation in Belgium have we reached our limits? D. Monbaliu (BeOPC, Leuven)

Evaluation of the quality of the communication and emotional support: the donor family questionnaire. C. Poppe (Gent).

The local donor coordinator function, view of the nurse? Physician? A. Joosten1, X. Wittebole2 (1Bruxelles, 2Louvain-en-Woluwe)


DBD Donation

Moderators: X. Wittebole (SIZ) - N. Meurisse (BTS)

Update in donor management of brain dead donors and the need for a Belgian protocol? J. Gunst (Leuven)

After diagnosing brain death: rush & retrieve or relax & repair? M. Nijboer (Leiden, Nl)

Organ donation program in a large non-university hospital P. Lormans (Roeselare)


Coffee Break/Poster viewing/Sponsor interaction


DCD Donation

Moderators: G. Meyfroidt (SIZ) - O. Van Caenegem (BTS)

How to define futility of care in severe brain injury I. Baar (Antwerpen)

Thoraco-abdominal regional perfusion: one technique, different protocols (Liège versus Leuven protocol) D. Ledoux1, K. Vandendriessche2 (1Liège, 2Leuven)

Mislabelling of potential DBD donors in Belgium. Are we referring too early for DCD? P. Evrard (Namur)

The central role of the ICU in organ detection and donor management: debate & closing remarks G. Meyfroidt (SIZ, Leuven)


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  • Koningin Astridplein, 20-26
  • 2018 Antwerp
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