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D. Mikhalski, BTS President


Best abstract session (8+2 minutes)

Moderators: C. Randon (Gent) - O. Detry (Liège)

Repeat HLA Class II mismatches are associated with increased graft loss of the second kidney transplant: a contemporary Collaborative Transplant Study (CTS) registry analysis. L. Pipeleers1, C. Unterrainer2, M-P. Emonds3, K.M. Wissing1, H. Tran2 (1UZBrussel, Brussel, Belgium;2Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany; 3KULeuven, Leuven; Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, Mechelen, Belgium).

Active immunological participation and metabolic shutdown of kidney structural cells during kidney transplant rejection. E. Van Loon, J. Callemeyn, B. Lamarthée, P. Koshy, A. Franken, T. Van Brussel, D. Lambrechts, A. Senev, T. Vaulet, M. Naesens (KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium).

Clinical validation of automated urinary chemokine asseys for non invasive detection of kidney transplant rejection: a prospective cohort study. E. Van Loon, C. Tinel, H. de Loor, X. Bossuyt, J. Callemeyn, M. Coemans, K. De Vusser, V. Sauvaget, J. Olivre, P. Koshy, D. Kuypers, B. Sprangers, A. Van Craenenbroeck, T. Vaulet, D. Anglicheau, M. Naesens (KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium; Hôpital Necker, Paris, France).

Implanting the right lung first in off-pump sequential single-lung transplantation reduces the need for intraoperative ECMO and incidence of primary graft dysfunction. J. Van Slambrouck, H. Decaluwé, C. Vanluyten, C. Vandervelde, C. Schoenaers, M. Orlitová, J. Kaes, P. De Leyn, L. Depypere, H. Van Veer, D. Dauwe, B. Vanaudenaerde, L. Godinas, R. Vos, G. Verleden, A. Neyrinck, T. Verbelen, F. Rega, B. Meyns, D. Van Raemdonck, L. Ceulemans (KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium).

Initial experience with Normothermic Regional Perfusion in donors after circulatory death. F. Gryspeerdt, M. Allaeys, P. Lafaire, J. Vermassen, F. De Somer, C. Van Gompel, M. Vandenheuvel,Th. Martens, F. Berrevoet, E. Hoste Eric (UZGent, Gent, Belgium).

Brief bubble and subsequent intermittent surface oxygenation is an effective alternative for membrane oxygenation to maintain aerobic metabolism during hypothermic machine perfusion in kidneys. T. Darius1, , M. Vergauwen1, L. Maistriaux1, R. Evrard1, M. Mueller2, A. Schlegel2, Ph. Dutkowski2, P. Gianello1, M. Mourad1 (1UCLouvain, Louvain-en-Woluwe, Belgium ; 2UH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland).

Worldwide experience with living donation and intestinal transplantation: a matched cohort analysis of the Intestinal Transplant Registry. A. Dubois, M. Clarysse, J. Pirenne, T. Hibi, L. Wullaert, R. Venick, G. Mazariegos, T. Vanuytsel, E. Benedetti, R. Gruessner, Y. Avitzur, J. Hind, S. Horslen, G. Gondolesi, L. Ceulemans (UZLeuven, Leuven, Belgium).

Altered pIgR/IgA mucosal immunity in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome. F. Carlier1 , M. Pretolani2, B. Detry3, E. Longchampt4, Ch. Pilette3, O. Brugière3 (1UCLouvain, Namur, Belgium ; 2Inserm, Paris, France ; 3UCLouvain, Louvain-en-Woluwe, Belgium ; 4Hôpital Foch, Paris, France)

Administration of kidney stem/progenitor cells into discarded human kidneys for graft immunomodulation and regeneration. F. Oliveira Arcolino,S. Hosgood,S. Akalay, N. Jordan, T. Elliott, J. Herman, K. Veys, K. Vermeire, B. Sprangers, M. Nicholson, L. van den Heuvel, E. Levtchenko (KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium; University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK).


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing



Moderators: P. Evrard (Namur) - K.M. Wissing (Brussel)

Transplantation of high-risk livers: redefining high risk and exploring new concepts of organ assessment and treatment.

N. Gilbo (KU Leuven University) Public defense 17.06.2021

Promotor: D. Monbaliu. Co-promotor: I. Jochmans, P. Friend, G. Camussi

Exploring non-invasive signatures of kidney allograft.

E. Van Loon (KU Leuven University) Public defense 13.06.2022

Promotor: M. Naesens

Characterization of the renal ischemic preconditioning induced by kidney-centred irradiation in mice.

B. Khbouz (Liège University) Public defense 5.07.2022

Promotors : F. Jouret. Co-promotor: J-M. Krzesinski

Unraveling the spectrum of microvascular kidney transplant rejection.

J. Callemeyn, (KU Leuven University) Public defense 27.01.2022

Promotor: M. Naesens. Co-promotor: O. Thaunat

Mechanisms and management of early graft dysfunction after lung transplantation.

A. Frick (KU Leuven University) Public defense 10.06.2022.

Promotor: A. Neyrinck. Co-promotor: D. Van Raemdonck, St. Verleden, K. Hoetzenecker


National hypothermic kidney perfusion platform

Moderators: L. Weekers (Liège) - E. Hoste (Gent)

Reimbursement of kidney hypothermic machine perfusion: a long way.

J. Pirenne (UZLeuven, Leuven, Belgium)

Hypothermic machine perfusion: state of the art.

T. Darius (UCLouvain, Bruxelles, Belgium)

National kidney hypothermic machine perfusion: practical organisation with the machine on site.

Inès Van Heesbeke (Organ Recovery Systems, Diegem, Belgium)


General Assembly of the Belgian Transplantation Society

Nomination of the new BTS President

Report of the Treasurer

N. Meurisse ( ULg, Liège, Belgium)

Report of the Transplant coordinators

N. Mauws (UZGent, Gent, Belgium)


Lunch, Sponsor Interaction and Poster Viewing



D. Ledoux, BeOPC President


Donor detection

Moderators: K. De Decker (Aalst) - V. Hartman (Antwerpen)

Organ donation in Belgium before/after the Covid epidemic: have we reached our limits? D. Monbaliu (UZLeuven, Leuven, Belgium)

Evaluation of the quality of the communication and emotional support: the donor family questionnaire. C. Poppe (UZGent, Gent, Belgium)

The local donor coordinator function, view of the nurse/physician. A. Joosten1, X. Wittebole2 (1Erasme, Bruxelles, 2UCLouvain, Bruxelles, Belgium)


DBD Donation

Moderators : X. Wittebole (UCLouvain, Woluwe) - N. Meurisse (Liège)

Update in donor management of brain-dead donors and the need for a Belgian protocol? J. Gunst (UZLeuven, Leuven, Belgium)

After diagnosing brain death: rush & retrieve or relax & repair? M. Nijboer (Leiden, The Netherlands) To be confirmed

Organ donation program in a large non-university hospital. P. Lormans (Roeselare, Belgium)


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing


DCD Donation

Moderators: F. Taccone (Bruxelles) - J. Van Cleemput (Leuven)

How to define futility of care in severe brain injury. I. Baar (UZAntwerpen, Belgium) To be confirmed

Mislabelling of potential DBD donors in Belgium. Are we referring too early for DCD? P. Evrard (UCLouvain, Namur, Belgium)


The central role of the ICU in organ detection and donor management: debate & closing remarks

Moderators: F. Taccone (SIZ, Bruxelles) - D. Ledoux (BeOPC, Liège)

Representatives: I. Baar, P. Evrard, E. Hoste, P. Lormans, M. Nijboer, X. Wittebole


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