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In this section you will find reports of several activities, statements or studies performed by the Belgian Transplantation Society.

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Yearly report of the Belgian Transplant Coordinators Section

The Belgian Transplant Coordinators give a yearly report on organ donation and transplant activity in Belgium during the General Assembly of the BTS.

BTS - Donor and transplant statistics 2018

Liver transplantation in patients suffering from alcoholic liver disease

Following the link below you can download the position paper of the Belgian Liver and Intestine Committee (Be-LIAC / regrouping all Belgian liver transplant centers) on the selection criteria for transplantation in patients suffering from alcoholic liver disease.

Organ donation following euthanasia

In terms of organ donation, Belgium is playing a pioneering role. Belgium is also one of the three countries in the world with legislation on euthanasia, which allows free choice of end of life under strict conditions.

Since 2005, several organ transplants have been performed after euthanasia. Even if this intervention is accepted on an ethical level, the procedure is not well known. The BTS and the association "LevensEinde Informatie Forum" (LEIF) have published a brochure for information purposes.

Statement document on public sollicitation for organ donation

Over the past years, an increasing number of cases of public solicitation for organ donation through the press or social media have been reported.

The Belgian Transplantation Society and the Belgian National Council of Transplantation have drafted a common statement document on living and post-mortem organ donation. You can download the French or the Dutch version via the following links:

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